Paints and varnishes in spray

In our shop there is a wide range of paints and varnishes in spray for various applications. We offer products that will test the occasion repair the car, such as cleaners for brakes, paint for brake calipers, rust cleaners for metal and many others. Our offer is distinguished by attractive prices and high quality products.

In our shop a wide selection of paints for construction, home or automobile. We only sell products of leading Polish manufacturer of paints and varnishes in aerosol, so buying from us you gain the confidence of the highest quality product. We are constantly expanding product range, so that everyone can find something for themselves.


Duży wybór kolorów

Wide selection of colors


Niskie ceny

Low prices


Wysoka jakość farb

High quality


Farby Szybkoschnące






Do wielu zastosowań

For many applications

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