Auto Acryl 500ml

Auto Acryl 500ml

Manufacturer: ChampionColor

Acrylic lacquer spray

High-quality acrylic lacquer spray, which is distinguished by high resistance and excellent adhesion to the painted surface. The biggest advantage of this acrylic spray is the fact that it is virtually insensitive to changing weather conditions, making even a single use will provide long-lasting effect.

Acrylic lacquer excels as a means to protect the rims or hubcaps. Included in the paint will achieve high quality visual effect - do not have to give rim to costly and lengthy restoration, because you can get a similar effect by refreshing their appearance on their own.
High quality acrylic lacquer for rims, hubcaps and other items. Fast-drying. It creates a tough and flexible coating resistant to scratches and impacts and environmental impacts.

Available colors in the palette