Super Chrome

Super Chrome

Manufacturer: ChampionColor

Chromium decorative spray

If you want the wheels of your car always shone and eye-catching, use chrome spray. Thanks to the unique composition of the inks used to create this center, you get the perfect visual effect when painting wheels, which further distinguishes the superior durability - decorative chrome wheels remain on for a long time.

The product is available in several colors, such as silver, gold or copper, so no problem, will select the appropriate color decorate your car wheels. Efficient packaging allows for uniform surface on the rim, so that the wheels of your car will attract the eyes of others.

Line of metallic paints SUPER CHROME is an excellent tool decorative. Special optical properties and unique composition of SUPER CHROM paints guarantee high color durability and repeatability, surface uniformity and magnificent, durable, high-gloss metallic and cause the painted surface will look attractive for a long time. • acrylic lacquer; • Available colors: silver, gold, copper.