Copper Grease

Copper Grease

Manufacturer: ChampionColor

Copper grease spray

Lubricant spray is an excellent way to protect components exposed to high temperatures. The use of Grease much easier removal of such an element, and in addition provide excellent protection of metal parts by all sorts of external factors, such as progressive rust, oil or water.

This grease copper can be safely used in really many cases. It is excellent as a means to protect screws, threads, all kinds of discs, bearings, or even screws wheels. Using this grease copper not only can ease yourself while in the part, but also protects it from damage.
High-quality grease for the lubrication of screw threaded connections and exposed to high temperatures from -30C to + 1200C. This prevents galling, seizing, seizing and corrosion of parts exposed to extreme temperatures or weather conditions