Heat-resistant Enamel

Heat-resistant Enamel

Manufacturer: ChampionColor

Heat-resistant enamel

High-quality enamel, heat-resistant, which makes it ideal for surfaces in contact with fire - a paint can withstand temperatures of 400 - 600 degrees Celsius. It provides the perfect cover painted surface, and also increases resistance to harmful weather conditions.

Silicone heat-resistant paint company Champion is available in three different colors: white, black, silver. Ideally suited to the painting ovens, heaters, barbeques, as well as elements of the exhaust system in a car or other parts exposed to contact with high temperatures.

ENAMELS heatproof a professional silicone paints for painting surfaces operating at high temperatures, characterized by perfect covering of painted surfaces and high resistance to weathering. ENAMELS heatproof can be used to paint grills, grills, fireplaces, mufflers, radiators, heaters, boilers, pipes and other heating equipment elements to RT. above 150 ° C. • topcoat silicone thermoset; • Available colors: silver (+ 400 ° C - + 600 ° C), black (+ 400 ° C), white (+ 300 ° C).