Primer Paint

Primer Paint

Manufacturer: ChampionColor

Primer spray to the metal

Primer designed to prepare metal surfaces for painting decorative paints. Spray Primer provides excellent adhesion to the substrate, and also protects them from the disastrous effects of corrosion. The imposition of this primer on the metal will also provide a much better adhesion of paint or enamel.

Primer spray ideally suited to both when painting a completely new construction and renovation of older ones. It can be used for painting machines, as well as fencing, gates and railings metal, as well as all kinds of items from sheet - building structures, masts or installations.
SPRAY PROFESSIONAL primer is used for priming various surfaces, especially as a primer for decorative paints SPRAY PROFESSIONAL Universal enamels. Perfectly adhesive to the substrate and has anticorrosive properties with respect to steel. Matt paint coating provides excellent adhesion of paints and enamel topcoat. Recommended for use on new machinery, plant, industrial structures, construction, power poles, street lights, fences, barriers, storage tanks, metal, etc., Or to their renovation, as well as to rework damaged paint.

Available colors in the palette