Rust metal

Rust metal

Manufacturer: ChampionColor

Rust metal spray

Rust Metal is an excellent measure to the removal of corrosion of metal surfaces of all kinds. High-quality rust remover spray enables purification and loosening parts that have faded due to long-term use due to rust. In addition, the use of this measure allows for the adequate protection of the surface of the metal from further corrosion.

Operation of rust solvent is extremely simple - pryśnięciu the corroded surface, the agent penetrates deeply into rust and produces tiny tubes in the corroded surface. As a result, the lubricant contained in the odrdzewiaczu penetrates into the metal structure, providing protection against corrosion.

Lubricant and odrdzewiający. A very effective in operation. Contains MoS2 - Molybdenum disulphide, which in its structure contains molecules reducing the friction process. This reduces wear of contact surfaces form a layer of high strength at the same time protecting against corrosion. It is used for maintenance of brake systems, disconnecting seized bolts, hinges, naoliwianiu all born chains. Very well dissolves rust and tries to smallest cavities.