Zinc Paint

Zinc Paint

Manufacturer: ChampionColor

Zinc spray paint

We recommend effective zinc spray, which is characterized by high zinc content, which reaches 85%, thus providing optimal protection for painted and primed surface. The product provides excellent protection against corrosion, and is extremely easy to use and dries in a very short time.

Zinc spray as perfect primer for painting rusted or broken metal parts. Primed that the zinc surface becomes resistant to bad weather conditions, and the effect of various factors such as salt or water and high temperatures (500 degrees Celsius).

Zinc Paint is a product with excellent corrosion protection; designed to perform protective security structures and steel elements. Zinc - representing approx. 85% dry coating weight - protects the active surface of the iron alloy by the action of sacrificial. Paint creates an opaque coating, smooth, with good adhesion to the substrate. Zinc coating can be used for priming steel and cast iron - machinery, industrial structures, buildings, power lines, poles, street lights, fences, barriers, storage tanks, metal, etc. The paint coating can be coated with topcoats with acrylic paints, polyvinyl, alkyd and operated at temperatures up to + 6 ° C.

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